Streamlining school lunch since 2006.

Boonli is America’s leading cloud-based ordering and payment platform for schools.

We started off as lunch, but now we're a whole lot more.

School lunch is our bread and butter, but we offer a whole lot more than just lunch. Boonli helps schools create custom shopping experiences and streamline every aspect school payments. Whether its tickets to the next school event or jerseys for the soccer team, Boonli's got you covered.

Today, Boonli is used by more than 1,000 schools, caterers, organizations, and workplaces across the U.S. and Canada to plan and accept payments for lunch menus, fundraising events, school before / after care, and many more student-focused experiences.

We’re building a world in which our customer’s resources and services are optimized to create the best experience possible.

Helping You Focus on What Matters Most.

From customized lunch menus to charity fundraisers, from catered events to commemorative t-shirts, we streamline administration so customers can focus on what matters most. That’s our focus. Our mission. Our reason for being in business.

And we dedicate ourselves to making it a better world every day.

We invite you to learn more about Boonli and what a boon it can be for your school, your organization, your catering business, or your workplace.

Discover What We Value Most at Boonli

  • Efficient processes that streamline customer ordering.
  • Effective programs that generate meaningful results.
  • Expert consulting that overcomes onboarding channels.
  • Enthusiastic employees who deliver transformative results.
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