Collect School Fees

An online school store makes it easy to collect any payments that parents need to make, from tuition deposits to class fees. If you offer before- or after-school care, you can even manage sign-ups and payments for that service through Boonli.

Students are often responsible for facilitating communication and payment. Suppose a teacher is planning a field trip. They might send a permission slip home with each child that details where the class is going, what they'll be doing, and how much the trip will cost. Parents would then send cash or a check back to school in their child’s backpack.

Boonli cuts out the middleman. School administrators can post information online and send reminders electronically, and parents can pay the fees through their online accounts.

Coordinate Lunches

The concept of serving lunch at school may seem simple, but a lot goes into a school lunch program. You have to plan menus, find vendors, take orders, collect payments, and more. With so many decisions to make and processes to oversee, school lunch can easily turn into a logistical nightmare.

Not only does Boonli offer a robust suite of features for running your school’s lunch program, but every subscription includes a complimentary onboarding service to help you get started. Boonli can even help you find the vendors you need to make your program a success — whether you participate in the National Student Lunch Program or create your own.

With an online school store, you will be able to post menus and take orders online with no need for school point-of-sale (POS) hardware or software. To avoid confusion, students who qualify for free or reduced-price meals will see their actual costs rather than the full prices. On the back end, school administrators can track payments and meals served and use the data to make informed adjustments.

Organize Fundraisers

Most schools host a variety of fundraisers throughout the year to round out their budgets or pay for specific programs or activities. With Boonli, you can accept donations and take orders online. You can also use your online school store to coordinate other types of virtual fundraising.

Need some inspiration? You can find a whole host of virtual fundraising ideas online.

Sell Spirit Wear

Creating an online school store is the easiest way to sell spirit wear because it eliminates the hassle of order forms, payment tracking, and sales booths.

Of course, spirit wear isn’t the only thing your school can sell in its store. Parents can also purchase back-to-school supplies online or pay for replacement supplies throughout the year. Anything your school sells, it can sell through Boonli.

With Boonli, you won’t need to invest in a school POS system. However, if you do still want to accept payments on-site, you can purchase Vital Mobile, Vital Plus, or Vital Select POS hardware.

Plan School Events

Think about all of the school events that require parents or students to purchase tickets. Now imagine how much easier it would be to plan these events if all the ticket sales and scheduling were handled online.

Creating an online school store makes it possible to promote the following activities online:

  • Football games
  • Basketball games
  • Volleyball games
  • Soccer games
  • Track and swim meets
  • Band concerts
  • Theater performances
  • Talent shows
  • School dances
  • Senior prom
  • Field trips
  • After-school activities
  • Graduation ceremonies

Manage Facility Rentals

Renting out school facilities can be an excellent way for schools to earn extra money — and an online school store can help you manage those rentals.

Community sports leagues could use your gymnasium for games and practices during the summer. Local swim instructors may want to rent your pool for lessons, and sports coaches or trainers could use your gym or athletic fields. Birthday parties, family reunions, and rehearsal dinners could also be held in your gymnasium.

Creating an Online School Store With Boonli

Implementing new systems and incorporating new technology can seem like a daunting task, but Boonli makes it easy. Contact our sales team today to learn more about Boonli and how an online school store can help both parents and administrators at your school. Our representatives will be happy to review our programs and pricing and answer any questions you may have.