Lunch: The last thing you’ll need to worry about this year

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Ask yourself: What matters most to you?

School lunches, student activities, class fees, after-school care, even fundraising events — everything you need is streamlined in Boonli. Organize meal data. Run sale programs. Save staff time. Most importantly, save yourself.

We get it. Lunch isn’t as simple as it used to be.

We may not know everything you need as a parent, but we do know a few things every parent needs when it comes to ordering systems for lunch programs and school services. You want an easy way to pay for school lunches, school fees, school trips, and all the other school stuff that comes up during the school year.

That’s why we created Boonli.

Our mission is to help you take control. Save time.
Simplify your life. Name something from school you need to order for your child. Child care, meals, tickets, t-shirts, field trips — it’s all on the Boonli platform.

That means fewer hassles and more focus on what matters most.

Discover what a boon Boonli can be for your school today

Ask us: What we can do for you?

When it comes to school ordering options, most parents would love it if they could simply hop on their computers or phones to scan their options, make their choices, total their costs, and move on with a minimum of fuss.
If all you ever need to do is order lunch for your child and buy some merch once in a while, that’s all Boonli ever needs to do. Simple.
But Boonli does so much more without ever getting in your way, so we’d like to ask: How else might we help?

Your child may come first, but you don’t have to come second.

Your options may seem limitless, but your time is not.

  • Choose meals by the day, the week, or the package.
  • Review who ordered what, how much is due, and when to pay.

Your schedule may be scattered, but our services are centralized.

  • Sign up for after-school activities with a few taps.
  • Participate in or even run fundraisers from a single site.
  • Order logo items or other gear tailored without lengthy searches.

Strip away everything that doesn’t matter.

Friction is our common enemy. We battle it daily to streamline systems and offer options that truly help parents achieve their goals. How? Boonli developed a cloud-based solution that streamlines ordering, payments, and management to support schools and parent organizations. A simple web-based platform. Simple solutions. Simple options. Everything is based on what works best for you. And all the resources by phone, by email, by chat — all at your fingertips so you can get back to your life on your terms.

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What our clients are saying:

Boonli takes care of everything: from lunches and yearbooks to field day t-shirts and fundraisers. It gives our parents one-stop shopping. Plus, their customer service has been great. The whole team is knowledgeable and friendly.

Lucy, Technology Coordinator, K-8 School

Discover what a boon Boonli can be for your school today

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