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Boonli school food services

Boonli is your entree into school cafeterias, workplace lunchrooms, and exclusive catering events.

If you run your own restaurant or kitchen, or manage a food service or cafeteria operation, it can be tough enough convincing schools and workplaces to add your food to their menus.

Add to that the myriad challenges of calculating which of your dishes should be offered when, how much to charge, when to serve them, how to bundle, how best to collect the payments, and you can be forgiven if you’ve forgotten to actually make and deliver the food on time.

That’s where Boonli comes in

Don’t worry. There’s a streamlined solution to help you get into the schools and workplaces that work best for your business.

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Understanding the system that understands your needs.

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Boonli is more than just an awesome platform for your school lunch ordering and payment services. Boonli is also a dedicated team of U.S.-based professionals ready to answer your school parent.

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How Boonli works for everyone

Restaurants, kitchens, catering services, use Boonli to offer custom menus — a la carte items, complete packaged meals, family style — on school or work days.

For smaller operations

Schools and workplaces typically hold the main Boonli account, while you are a vendor of the program and will receive the order reports generated through Boonli for food preparation and delivery.

For larger operations

Caterers or restaurants are the main account holders and manage all aspects of your school or workplace clients programs.

No matter what your size, however, the rewards you reap can be enormous.

Key benefits for vendors.

Save time.

Managing hundreds of orders, collecting payments, and delivering directly to school or workplace campuses is a business in itself.

Improve organization.

You have to manage many moving parts — taking orders, labeling lunches, knowing which lunches go to whom and where, and track who paid for what. You don’t need multiple, disjointed spreadsheets and systems to track every order.

Reduce waste.

To avoid wasting food and money, you need to know what sells. To know exactly how much to make. Boonli lets you collect orders in advance, stock the kitchen appropriately, and spend only what you need for food prep. Cut out the waste with Boonli.

Grow business.

As a caterer or product vendor, connecting with the right schools or workplaces can be critical to your business’s success. A centralized system to post menus and offer items easily accessible from one client to the next can help bring in consistent, reliable income every weekday.

Getting to know Boonli

From customized menus to fundraisers, from catered events to commemorative t-shirts, we streamline the entire process so our customers can focus on what matters most to their own business. No matter what kind of vendor you may be, Boonli can be a boon for your bottom line.

Manage Meal Preparation.

You need to create lunch menus, determine when parents (or employees) order, publish ordering., parents (or employees), place orders, and pay. Then you need to collect orders, submit orders to kitchen staff , and distribute the correct lunch to each student (or employee). We make it happen. With ease.

Manage multiple accounts.

You may often have school lunch services, and manage multiple school accounts and have a lunch program designed for each of them. You need to be able to organize all the orders, menus, and payments for each individual school and keep each account separate. Boonli works the way you do.

Fill those orders!

Boonli even works for vendors hired in-house solutions for schools or sites that makes all food in the premise’s cafeteria. After making each pre-ordered lunch, you’ll need an easy way to know which person gets what meal, how to manage a lunch line, or where to deliver meals to specific rooms. Boonli delivers the information to the palm of your hand.

Track those expenses.

Ready to discover more about Boonli?

As a vendor, you’ll need to track every payment you receive from your clients. Tracking every order — and being able to know who paid, who didn’t, who still owes money — is critical to staying in business, let alone thriving. You need an effective platform that helps manage reconciliation for their food or services. You need Boonli.

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