Run school lunch in the cloud.

Boonli school lunch ordering

Cloud Lunch Management

Flexible Account Structures

Invite all the members of your food-service team to create admin profiles and collaborate on everything from menu planning to cafeteria ops. Set permissions and admin privileges that work with your staff dynamics, whether its local restaurants, school staff, parent volunteers, or a food service company.

Menu Management

Create online menus with customizable options.

Boonli makes it easy to build online menus for school lunch, breakfast, or after school activities. Customize each option, establish ordering cycles and lock-out periods, and build rules that work with your meal program.

Meal Pre-Ordering and Planning

Bring order to lunch orders and payments with a simple platform for parents.

Ordering on the go from their mobile device or at home or work on their desktop, parents can follow an intuitive, easy to follow interface to purchase and plan meals, complete school payments, and manage their child's account.

Boonli Wallet

Boonli wallet lets parents add lunch and school funds into a digital wallet to use at the cafeteria or at your school store.

Accept Payments Online

Flexible online payment processing.

Accept payments online from parents using credit cards, ACH and payroll deduction. Or, simply accept payments offline.

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Cafeteria | Point-of-Service

  • Lunch Check-in
  • Kitchen Reporting
  • Distribution Reporting

Run the lunch line from any tablet or computer.

Boonli streamlines logistics for fulfilling lunch orders. Organize lunches to be distributed to specific rooms, or stagger lunch delivery by groups or hour. Quickly pull up any student's order with interactive check-in.

Add last minute orders to students' carts and charge to their accounts, or let students pay with pre-loaded funds on their Boonli Wallet.

Pull reports for kitchen staff.

Boonli takes the time and headache out of reporting, for both you and your lunch staff. Export custom CSV reports. Track and manage each meal ordered, and efficiently manage food prep, distribution, and payments with our flexible, powerful reporting suite that puts you in control.

Organize lunch orders better.

Organize students by homeroom, by grade, by lunch hour, or how you see fit. Pull and group daily order reports, print labels for each lunch, and revolutionize your school lunch distribution. Boonli’s cloud-based platform collects and organizes orders according to your program rules, so it’s ready when you are.

Boonli Support

White Glove Support

Parent lunch questions? We'll take that call.

Boonli provides full-service customer support to your end users if they need assistance. Our white-glove service means your team saves dozens of precious hours that would otherwise be spent on phone calls and emails with parents.

Easy Set-Up

Get your program set up with a Boonli Lunch Expert.

It all begins with white-glove service. Boonli offers a full onboarding service for each organization, and can upload all of your menus and help you set prices, payout schedules with vendors, and more. Our experts train your administrators to make the most out of Boonli, and are always here to help.

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