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Boonli school lunch ordering

Streamline school lunch with Boonli.

Boonli is trusted by 1000+ schools and organizations for serving lunch and managing school payments online.

Digital Ordering

Create and Post Menus

Create online menus with customizable options.

Taking lunch orders via paper menus? Spending hours collecting data? Reclaim your time with Boonli’s flexible menu creation. Boonli makes it easy to build online menus with customizable options and establish ordering cycles and lock-out periods that work with your program.

Take Lunch Pre-orders & More

Bring order to lunch orders, school merchandise, ticket items, and so much more.

Boonli simplifies the ordering experience. Ordering on the go from their mobile device or at home or work on their desktop, parents can follow an intuitive, easy to follow interface to purchase and plan meals, complete school payments, and manage their child's account.

Program Management

  • Interactive Distribution
  • Reporting
  • Vendor Management
  • Account Management

Streamline check-in and organize lunch pick-ups.

Boonli streamlines logistics for fulfilling lunch orders. Organize lunches to be distributed to specific rooms, or stagger lunch delivery by groups or hour. Quickly pull up any student's order with interactive check-in. Add last minute orders, track NLSP metrics, and more. Boonli’s cloud-based platform collects and organizes orders, so it’s ready when you are.

Seamlessly manage orders from parents to schools to vendors.

Boonli takes the time and headache out of reporting, for both you and your vendors. School administrators can push a button and view NLSP metrics. Vendors can slice and dice orders to build ingredient lists. Track and manage each meal ordered, and efficiently manage food prep, distribution, and payments with our flexible, powerful reporting suite that puts you in control.

Offer vendor access simply and securely.

Boonli enables you to grant any vendor direct access to their information and reporting. Vendors have the exact counts required for preparation, helping you strive to achieve zero food waste. Boonli’s pre-order system helps organize kitchens and enables any vendor to quickly add standard or custom options that meet your school’s needs.

Easily manage student and parent accounts.

Register any sign up, check in any student, pull up any order, download any report, and know exactly who owes what to whom, when, and why. Boonli helps you manage lunch accounts, issue credits, refunds, and keep parents happy.

School Payments

Accept Payments Online

Provide flexible payment processing options.

Boonli lets you accept payments online from parents without the additional challenges of managing merchant banks or others to accept payments. Collect payments using credit cards, ACH and payroll deduction, or simply accept payments offline.


Consolidate all your school payments.

Streamline school payments & ticket items.

Let Boonli be your single solution for school payments. From lunches to spirit merchandise to tickets and after-care sessions, Boonli delivers a simple, integrated parent school payment solution for all your school’s needs. With Boonli, administrators set the prices and determine item markups (if desired), enabling schools to use Boonli in their fundraising strategy. Our platform helps you do whatever it takes to ensure you’re not left holding the bag. Literally.

Customer Support

White-glove Service & Support.

Parent lunch questions? We'll take that call.

It all begins with white-glove service. Boonli offers a full onboarding service for each organization. Our experts train your administrators to make the most out of Boonli. We also provide full-service customer support to your end users if they need assistance. Our white-glove service means your team saves dozens of precious hours that would otherwise be spent on phone calls and emails with parents.

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